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All camps are open to any and all entrants. (Limit only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).


December 17 & 18th
9am - 4pm      |      $285

*Discounts are available for those who register for the December Pre-Winter Camp AND January Elite Camp at the same time.

*Discounts are available for groups of 8 or more. Please contact Sandra Simmons ( PRIOR to registering.

*All groups will be split by age and ability to ensure the best possible learning environment.

*Pitchers do NOT need to provide their own catcher.

Hitting camp will consist of skill work in the morning and LIVE AT-BATS off of pitchers in the afternoon. The skill work will focus on contact points, vision, pitch recognition, bat speed, launch angle, and much more. Hitters will have the opportunity to transfer the skills learned in the morning session to live-at-bats off of the pitchers in Tiger Park. During the afternoon session, hitters will take an in-depth look at the mental side of hitting, study keys to situational hitting, and learn different approaches for different pitchers and pitches. This camp gives athletes the unique chance to take their game to a higher level with more advanced information.

Pitching camp will consist of learning drills specifically targeted for each age/ability level during the morning and throwing to live hitters in the afternoon. During the morning session, pitchers will learn skills to improve spin, accuracy, and power. Pitchers will have the opportunity to transfer these skills directly into live play during the Live At-Bat afternoon session. Live At-Bats against hitters will offer pitchers a chance to learn how to set up a hitter up during an at bat, the “Ins & Outs” of controlling the strike zone, and the mental side of being in the circle. This camp opens a great learning environment as it offers a unique opportunity to face live hitters without the stress of consequences, wins or losses.

Helpful Hint: Our recommendation for this camp is to sign your athlete up for their primary position, as we design this camp to be a little more advanced. Athletes will stay in the camp they register for, for BOTH days. 


We unfortunately can’t have athletes do pitching one day and hitting the 2nd day or vice versa. If a pitcher would like to hit, please sign up for Nighttime Hitting.


December 17
5:30pm - 7:30pm      |      $80

*All groups will be split by age and ability to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Nighttime hitting camp is a compressed option of our December Camp. This camp can be an addition to Saturday and Sunday or can stand alone by itself. Athletes will get a small foundation on how to apply LSU softball’s hitting philosophy to their own hitting mechanics.


Your camper will be able to have a stronger fundamental base by the time the night ends. This is a great opportunity for the pitchers that are in camp to swing with LSU Softball coaches & staff.

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