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Camp Testimonials

The LSU Softball program is rich in tradition and deeply invested in the growth of female athletes. We would like to invite you to join our commitment to excellence by enrolling in any of our camps or clinics.


Our philosophy is based on passion, effort, hard work, and most of all, fun. Our goal is to aid in the development of both mental and physical skills, all the while remembering to be thankful that “We get to PLAY today.” We understand that striving to be the best you can be is a challenge, and we are ready to help you get there!


LSU Softball camp presents a great opportunity for both the participants and for the LSU program. Participants experience college-level instruction from our staff and learn new techniques that they can put into practice on an everyday basis. For the instructional staff, it allows an opportunity to form relationships with players from all over the country that will last for years to come.


We have a variety of camps available to all ability levels. We look forward to working with you, helping you achieve your goals, and ultimately welcoming you into the Tiger Softball Family!


Geaux Tigers!

Beth Torina

LSU Softball, Head Coach

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Elite 50 - Summer 2023

I really wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful and blessed I was to attend camp and interact with everyone. I have been to multiple college camps and I can absolutely say this has been the best, most productive and energized camp I've been too. First I just wanted to mention that everyone on staff was very in the moment and were always communicating to us players. As a player, I loved all the feedback I received, and how wanted and valued I was treated. Coach Torina, it was amazing working with you and getting to know you. I wanted you to know just how much I appreciated you working with me, and taking the time to coach me and give me feedback despite all of the skilled girls who were at the camp alongside me. Being the youngest player at camp, and still being engaged equally and being given the opportunity to show my skills is so much more than I could've asked for and I truly wanted you to feel how important it was to me that I properly thanked you. Coach Dobson, it was so much fun working and learning with you! I was really interested in how LSU Softball takes mentality so seriously and practices it equally with the physical portion. The amount of information I took out of our conversation about mentality and routine is insane. I am excited to continue working on the mental side of the game and our conversation opened up so many more aspects to work on. I am truly touched and blown away by the experience I was given. I also wanted to give a huge thanks overall by accepting me into this camp given my age difference. I was exposed to so much great competition and experience, and got a taste of Tiger Softball and the culture. I'm so happy I got to see the campus and can't wait to come back again. I wish LSU Softball the best of luck in the 2024 season. Again one more huge thank you and Geaux Tigers!

Elite 50 Camp - Summer 2023

You did an absolutely stunning job with the LSU camp today. This was hands down the best camp that I have ever attended.

I am over joyed to have attended such a wonderful camp and I pray that I will be able to come to another camp in the future. I truly cannot thank you enough.


Thank you again and GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!

January 2023

"I wanted to reach out to let you guys know (again) how much we appreciate everything you do to set these camps and clinics up!! You guys, once again, hit it out of the park!!!! I only wish you guys could see these kids on the way home and when they get home...They are so excited and driven and ready to start playing!! 
Kudos to the entire coaching staff and to all of the players and alumni that taught and worked with the kids. All of you are changing kids lives and keeping the game of softball growing.
The coaches clinic should, in my opinion, be a mandatory standard for all organizations. The information and detail that you guys go into is incredible. We are just as excited as the girls when we leave."


Summer 2022

Dear Tiger Softball,

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you all so much. I really enjoyed myself this past week at the Elite Camp. I appreciate all the feedback and instruction.


Again, I appreciate the wonderful camp you all put on and I definitely will be back again! 


Summer 2021

Seriously cannot express enough how grateful we are for the experience this week. You guys did a tremendous job. I loved the camaraderie between the coaches and players. Everyone was so positive and encouraging. It was such a treat for the younger girls to be able to participate. Can’t wait to come back again and see new friends and how everyone has grown and developed.


You guys crushed the week.


Appreciate it all more than y’all will ever know!



Winter 2022

Thank you for hosting a great camp. It was a great experience and I loved getting to interact with the coaching staff and players. I learned a lot about my form for both defense and offense. I will be taking the knowledge from the camp to work and develop my skill better at home.  


I look forward to attending more camps at LSU.

Winter 2022

I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to work with me at the hitting & fielding camp. I had so much fun playing at Tiger Park and enjoyed every opportunity you and your program provided me with. I loved getting to ask college coaches and athletes questions. 


Winter 2022

 I want to reach out personally and tell you how much this weekend meant to me, though it will be hard to get across with words.  I met AJ Andrews back in 2018 at a softball tournament and got to have dinner and a Q&A with her afterwards and I think that’s what started my love for LSU softball.


Being at Tiger Park with the players and coaches, the people who make LSU so great felt comfortable and so amazing to say the least. It amped up my love for purple & gold and drive to work hard every single day for my goal of hopefully one day being coached by you, Coach Beth & Coach Dobson. We went to the Tigers vs Tennessee basketball game after camp and the energy was wild. Campus was so pretty and unique with the trees (my mom is obsessed with the trees) and the food was delicious.


This camp was the best one I’ve ever been to. I am happy with the feedback I got from the coaches and plan to put their advice into my daily workouts.


Thank you for putting on a great camp. You’ll definitely see me back for more!

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