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All camps are open to any and all entrants. (Limit only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).


Saturday, Dec 16 - Sunday, Dec 17


*9am-12pm for those NOT attending the WBB game
*9am-4pm for those attending the 2pm WBB game (vs Northwestern State).
***We have passed the deadline to submit ticket requests for the WBB game. We can no longer guarantee tickets, for campers or guests, to the WBB game on Sunday, December 17th. Please email your camper's name to, and we will put you on the waitlist to be added. We will notify you as soon as we hear from our Ticket Office if they are able to fulfill your request.

7th - 12th grade

Camp Description
Offered in both a hitting and a pitching track, the December Elite Camp is a great time to develop your skills against elite competition.


Lunch will be provided for campers only on both days. 

**Helpful Registration Tidbit**

Our recommendation for this camp is to sign your athlete up for their primary position, as we design this camp to geared toward high level competitive play. This elite camp will consist of advanced drills and competitive games geared towards elite athletes. Campers should be comfortable competing against other athletes both offensively and defensively. If you have any questions on which camp is better for your camper, please feel free to contact us and we will direct you to the best camp.

Hitting/Defense Portion

Hitting camp will consist of skill work in the morning and LIVE-AT-BATS off of pitchers in the afternoon. The skill work will focus on contact points, vision, pitch recognition, bat speed, launch angle, and much more. Hitters will have the opportunity to transfer the skills learned in the morning session to live-at-bats off of the pitchers in Tiger Park. During the afternoon session, hitters will take an in-depth look at the mental side of hitting, study keys to situational hitting, and learn different approaches for different pitchers and pitches. Defense will be incorporated throughout the camp working on position specific skills as well as team defense component. This camp gives athletes the unique chance to take their game to a higher level with more advanced information.

Pitching Portion

Pitching camp will consist of learning drills specifically targeted for each age/ability level during the morning and throwing to live hitters in the afternoon. During the morning session, pitchers will learn skills to improve spin, accuracy, and power. Pitchers will have the opportunity to transfer these skills directly into live play during the Live At-Bat afternoon session. Live At-Bats against hitters will offer pitchers a chance to learn how to set up a hitter up during an at bat, the “Ins & Outs” of controlling the strike zone, and the mental side of being in the circle. This camp opens a great learning environment as it offers a unique opportunity to face live hitters without the stress of consequences, wins or losses.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a discount for registering for both December and January camps at the same time?   YES!

How are groups split at this camp?   Groups will be split by age and ability to ensure the best learning environment possible.

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